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Time to learn English

English is a key to unrivalled social and career opportunities.

Although it’s a well known fact, many miss the school years to learn the language. Be one step ahead, take a serious approach to your child’s English language learning right now.

This scary word “EGE”

Every parents’ evening is themed on The Ring, ‘In seven days you are taking EGE’. Ugh!

Don’t panic, get it under your control. The English language exam is challenging but not unsurvivable.

Exam preparation

Our course OGE and EGE exam preparation is based on the Federal component of the state standard in the secondary education.

  1. Revision and improvement of grammar structures
  2. Familiarization with the exam format through an online platform
  3. As a result – less stress, high exam grade to get to the best universities

English for goal-oriented children and teenagers

English for love

We do not teach to tests. Our goal is to sparkle a genuine interest and develop passion for learning language. Language immersion fills in the gaps and helps gain knowledge better than cramming.


The teacher of young learners and teenagers creates a friendly atmosphere. As a child’s linguistic competence grows the teacher seeks to adopt an individualized approach, keeps up interest and motivation for the child to develop further.


Our video classes are open to watch. They are recorded and made available to watch in the personal account. You can always ask the teacher a question about your child’s progress.

Growth every day

All our programmes aim to develop reading, speaking , listening, writing and pronunciation skills as well as to expand vocabulary, and grammar.

Our philosophy is the sky is the limit. We are always developing ourselves and trying to foster the same values in our students.

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Lesson delivery

All lessons are delivered through our online platform.
Lessons with a teacher
During video-classes children cover new language material and review what they have learnt before, develop all skills and remedy mistakes they made in home assignments.
Autonomous learning
Reinforce what has been learnt by completing entertaining interactive assignments. Learners can also review topics with the help of digital course books with embedded audio and video.
Track your progress in your personal account. Ask your teacher questions in a personal chat.

Group classes

Group classes are up to 4 people who are 13 and above. Learners have the same language level and are of nearly the same age.

Group classes are for those teenagers who want to develop communication skills.

One-to-one classes

One-to-one classes better suit the children who need an individualized approach.

The teacher adapts the programme to meet the child’s needs, sets tasks and analyses mistakes.

Free speaking clubs

Speaking clubs bring variety into language learning.

Up-to-date topics, excellent company, real-life communication. Out students attend for free.

The main reason why my son and I decided to study at the London Express online school was the lack of time. The child is very busy, tutors and sports, there is simply no physical strength and ability to go anywhere else. In this regard, the online school made it possible, without leaving home, to practice conversational English, which is simply not given in a regular school, but requires a good level when passing the exam in English.
Evgeniya, Course for children aged 13-17

I would like to thank the London Express Online school for the excellent work! I was skeptical about my daughter (10 years old) studying at an online school. I have always believed that learning English is a process that requires the presence of both the student and the teacher in the same class, face to face. And online is for entertainment.

Maria, Course for children aged 9-12
My child is 15 years old. After the first sentence, mothers of teenagers will surely understand what will be discussed later :) Any learning process is perceived reluctantly, with hostility. Nowadays it is difficult for ordinary paper textbooks to compete with gadgets. We changed tutors, and when I almost gave up, I came across an ad for a popular online school. We tried it. At first it was cool. A year later, it turned out that the result was not worth the money invested. Classes were more about entertainment, which resulted in a large pretty penny.
Lyuba, Course for children aged 13-17
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