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Flexible approach that adapts to suit the needs of every student.
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Approach to teaching and learning

London Express Online programmes follow world’s best practices and use an eclectic approach to teaching and learning foreign languages. The programmes develop language competences and engage both children and adults in learning.


Placement test measures the level of language proficiency but also helps to take note of  learners’ age and personal preferences. This allows to create optimum conditions for learning.

All testing is aligned to CERF, which helps to set a the timescale for goal achievement.

International scale for evaluating competences in 4 language skills

London Express Online own system of placement testing

Kaizen practice

In every lesson learners notice a slight improvement in all language skills. The principle of continuous improvement underpins the school philosophy.


From Lesson One most of the time is devoted to language practice. Students analyse grammar structures to work out the rules and build a paradigm.

We use language chunks, collocations and fixed expressions and reinforce what students learn by role playing real-life situations.

Widen students’ vocabulary range

Increase spoken vocabulary

Authorized teaching and learning material

We provide authorization access to a platform with all the materials from a leading international publishing house.


Digital course books with embedded audio and video. Interactive tasks done by the student are monitored by the teacher.


Interactive platform to reinforce lesson material. Answers are checked automatically and results are reported to the teacher.

The London Express Online programme easily adapts to the student’s personal learning goals and different training formats: individual, group, corporate.

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Learning process


In the first lesson, a member of the academic department will show you our online platform, test your language proficiency, find a suitable programme, calculate its expected duration, intensity and outline a timetable. The demo-class is free!

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Teaching team

We use a rigorous multi-stage recruitment procedure. All the staff do an in-house induction course. Lessons are regularly monitored for quality to meet the standards set by London Express Online.

Online platform

All courses are delivered through our online platform and your personal account. You do your classes with the teacher, track progress, do exercises, pay the tuition, chat with the teacher and a lot more.


Every student’s progress is important. Online generated reports help the teacher to evaluate learning. If the progress slows down, we won’t ignore it.


On completion of the programme you will be issued a certificate of completion. It will add considerable weight to your CV or portfolio. You can also take a course to prepare for international exams: IELTS, TOEFL, BEC, BULATS, Cambridge Exams.

Course details

Customer care

Ask for help from the customer service and technical support of the site at a convenient time. We are attentive to the wishes of the student and are always happy to help.

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