We appreciate our students’ suggestions and feedback.

Evgeniya, Course for children aged 13-17
The main reason why my son and I decided to study at the London Express online school was the lack of time. The child is very busy, tutors and sports, there is simply no physical strength and ability to go anywhere else. In this regard, the online school made it possible, without leaving home, to practice conversational English, which is simply not given in a regular school, but requires a good level when passing the exam in English.
We will take the exam only after 3 years, but I already understand that classes on the course for teenagers in this online school will give my son much more than an ordinary tutor, and it will be easier for him in the future when preparing for the exam.
Maria, Course for children aged 9-12

I would like to thank the London Express Online school for the excellent work! I was skeptical about my daughter (10 years old) studying at an online school. I have always believed that learning English is a process that requires the presence of both the student and the teacher in the same class, face to face. And online is for entertainment.

But everything turned out to be completely different. All lessons were clear and useful. I see that my daughter completes tasks herself, receives feedback from the teacher - explanations, comments, and looks forward to each lesson.

Grades have improved at school, I do not need to delve into her homework, and this makes me so happy!

Thanks for the great courses!

Lyuba, Course for children aged 13-17
My child is 15 years old. After the first sentence, mothers of teenagers will surely understand what will be discussed later :) Any learning process is perceived reluctantly, with hostility. Nowadays it is difficult for ordinary paper textbooks to compete with gadgets. We changed tutors, and when I almost gave up, I came across an ad for a popular online school. We tried it. At first it was cool. A year later, it turned out that the result was not worth the money invested. Classes were more about entertainment, which resulted in a large pretty penny.
Since there was nowhere to retreat, online is our everything, I delved into the study of proposals on the network. And here it is! LE Online is my choice. This is the golden mean, a mix of really high quality learning and interactivity. I was bribed by the fact that this school has many years of offline experience and dozens of schools throughout Russia. The child is currently engaged in 5 months and classes for him have become a good reason not to go even to a cool party! In general, I am grateful to the entire team of our wonderful school and its "English home delivery".
Natasha, EGE and OGE Preparation
Writing a review is a whole business, usually I express my gratitude personally and verbally. In the case of London Express Online, my daughter and I sat down to write a review together. The purpose of my application to the online school was to prepare my daughter for exams at school.
In our small town, alas, it is difficult to find a worthy specialist. And thanks to you, we have access to international level specialists, all you need is to have the Internet. Bottom line: we are immensely glad that we found you and are grateful for your work. My daughter passed the OGE for the highest score, now training with the exam is ahead. The daughter asks to add that at the exam itself she was not scared at all, i.e. her teacher Svetlana did an excellent job of training.

All our students reach and go beyond the goals they set for themselves at the beginning of the course of study.

Students’ achievements

There is something to be proud of! We do our best for our students to pass EGE, OGE and international exams.

Passing the exam "exam in English" at 75 points

Danilov Dmitrij

Teaching Knowledge Test

Aksyonova Natal'ya

Passing the exam "exam in English" at 75 points

Grigor'eva Anna

Teaching Knowledge Test

Nosov Nikita

In order to pass EGE and OGE with flying colours it is not enough to cover the standard school programme. London Express Online teachers will prepare learners for exams considering their specifications. In lessons we review sample tasks from written and spoken parts: listening, reading, grammar, vocabulary, writing and speaking.

EGE points
100 EGE points
Alina, EGE and OGE Preparation
89 EGE points
Ivan, EGE and OGE Preparation
97 EGE points
Timofey, EGE and OGE Preparation
92 EGE points
Natasha, EGE and OGE Preparation
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